Portage Brewing x SBP : ON AHEAD

In January of 2019 there was a catastrophic fire that destroyed Portage Brewing in Walker, Minnesota. Since then, they have rebounded with a new energy, and new plans for the future. Recently Portage launched a campaign on Indiegogo to help finance the build out of their new facility.

We’re incredibly proud to help play a part in this crowdfunding project. We worked directly with our friends at Portage to come up with an enamel pin design to help represent where Portage came from - and more importantly where Portage is going. Inspired by their last crowler release before the fire, this 1.5” tall enamel pin features the Chippewa National Forest treeline, and the iconic Portage Brewing logo.

Below are some images from our collaboration, including digital renderings, as well as the final product. We can’t wait for Portage to re-open their doors again to the public.

Sam Ziegler