SBS is a collaborative project created by Sam Ziegler and Libby Anderson, based in Minneapolis, Minnesota. We are a residency photography company that focuses on the hospitality industry, specifically with breweries and restaurants. What sets us apart is our unique “residency style” approach to capturing images. Our aim is to provide our customers with a catalog of stunning and unique documentary style photography, which will allow them to present themselves in a beautiful way online. Social media has become such an important tool in the craft brewing industry. Breweries and restaurants are busy places, and it can be hard to dedicate time to photograph all that happens in a given day. We want to help solve that.


We’ve found that the best way to help tell a brewery’s story is to completely immerse ourselves within its processes – from grain to glass.  Our typical stay is three days, which allows us to delve deep into the inner workings of each brewery we photograph. In the end we will provide you a collection of images that you can use to stand out in a crowded market, and set yourself apart.


Anything you’d like! Our goal is to help tell stories that make your brewery special and unique. What do you want folks to see from behind the scenes? We can shoot more stylized product shots, document raw ingredients, the process of a brew day or a canning line run, and taproom/production interiors. We know how much hard work and time went into creating your business. Our goal is to help show it off to the world through social channels, your website, and beyond.


We sure think so. We have years of combined experience in both the beer and hospitality industry, as well as catalog of professional photography clients. Read more about our experience below!


Sam has spent the last six years working in and around local craft breweries in the Twin Cities doing work that ranges from cleaning kegs, all the way to managing a sales territory as a brewery rep. He has deep knowledge and passion for the craft brewing industry, he prides himself on being extremely well-versed within the beer scene at both a local and national level. Sam has also worked as an architectural photographer for Spacecrafting, and has maintained a steady collection of freelance clients like The Growler Magazine, Pryes Brewing Company, Waldmann Brewery, Hewing Hotel, Tullibee Restaurant, and Oakhold Farmhouse Brewery.

Libby has a strong passion for design and photography. She’s been working nearly round-the-clock on projects for restaurants for the past five years. Whether it is designing a new logo or photographing the newest drinks and dishes, she finds herself most comfortable within the hospitality industry. She feels strongly about maintaining a beautiful brand identity and voice not only through design but also through photography. Her work has been featured in Artful Living Magazine, Food and Wine, and MSP Mag, she also is the photographer and brand manager for all three restaurants under Soigné Hospitality Group (Spoon and Stable, Bellecour, and Demi) in Minneapolis. Additionally, she has done photography, social media marketing, and packaging design for Caribou Coffee, and Yoplait Yogurt.

We would love to sit down over a beer and tell you more about this project. Shoot us an email below!